Travel Advice: 3 Helpful Tips for Football Fans

Flickr CC Philipp Rümmele

Before you plan any trip, the first thought that comes to your mind (in case you are traveling abroad) is the cultural and language differences of the country you are heading towards. Of course, if you don’t have friends or relatives in that country, you will find it slightly difficult to adjust. However, if the […]

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Why Is FC Barcelona The “Best” Football Club?

FC Barcelona football club till date is one of the most successful and celebrated clubs in the history of football. For most football fans, it is one of their favorite clubs; a major reason for this is the list of its squad, which is loaded with the best players like Neymar, Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, […]

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Going “Up at the O2” in London

Maryse vs Natalya

Climbing the O2 is one of the most exciting attractions available in London today. The experience lets individuals use a harness and climbing boots to reach the top of the famous O2 Arena. This provides an exceptional view of central London that overlooks the Thames and iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Originally opened in the […]

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Secret Cinema – A Novel Experience

Secret Cinema

The Secret Cinema is a recurring interactive film experience based in London UK. The location of the event is kept secret until the day of the screening. Guests often arrive at the chosen location to discover that they’re being treated to a night at a 5-star hotel. While other times they’ll discover an outlandishly decorated […]

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Benefits of renting a bike when solo traveling

Traveling alone is better than most people think. The freedom you gain by not having to adapt to anyone’s tastes is a thing that few people have the chance to experience. Yet usually, when we travel alone we do it with a low budget, meaning we will tend to search the cheapest way to travel, […]

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Cool Places in Shoreditch, London

Brick Lane Market by eGuide Travel

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself rambling about London, you will definitely want to visit the edgy and interesting neighborhood of Shoreditch. You are sure to find an abundance of delicious food, fantastic shopping opportunities and lots of fun and excitement. 1. The Horse and Groom Enjoy a bit of trendy pub-clubbing at […]

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