Visiting the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland


Looking for a beautiful and unique place to visit in Northern Ireland? The Giant’s Causeway is in the county Antrim, close to the town of Bushmills, on the seacoast. Although there are legends of a giant named Finn MacCool that created it, this amazing and strange place of about 40,000 different basalt stone formations and [...]

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Venturing out to the Aran Islands, Ireland

Aran Islands, Ireland by Flickr CC unukorno

The Aran Islands are are a group of three islands located on Ireland’s west coast. They are quite far removed from the rest of the mainland, and as a result they offer a unique cultural flavour – many of the islands inhabitants still speak Gaelic! If you have some time in Ireland and want to explore the land, [...]

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Visiting Wales’ Gower Peninsula

Gower Peninsula, South Wales by Flickr CC Les Haines

The best way to explore the Gower Peninsula in Wales is by foot. Gower has been inhabited by man for over 30,000 years – an ochre-adorned skeleton of a male was found in a cave here. Among the inhabitants of Gower were Romans, Saxons, Celts, Vikings, and Normans. Today, the Gower is a haven of [...]

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Top 5 beaches in the UK

Porthcurno by Flickr CC Tom Bastin

So the United Kingdom may not boast the same beaches you find along the Mediterranean, however, they do have a few beaches worth visiting on a warm summer day. Here is a look at some of the top rated beaches if you’re looking for a nearby beach escape: Porthcurno – The coastline around Porthcurno has [...]

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5 Unique Things to Do in London

British Museum - Flickr CC yaketyyakyak

Step off the beaten tourist track and get to know some of London’s hidden gems with our pick of five of the most unique things to see and do in London. Sure, you could go to see Big Ben or the changing of the guard, but wouldn’t you rather have a sleepover with some mummies? [...]

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Coach Trips for Solo Travellers

Solo Traveler - Flickr CC paxson_woelber

There is much to be said in favour of travelling alone: you get to choose your own destination, transport, accommodation and itinerary; you also get to eat, sleep and drink when you want without having to take into account someone else’s preferences.  Hoteliers and travel agents are slowly coming round to the idea that charging [...]

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