5 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales


If you’re planning a weekend in Pembrokeshire, Wales, you’re in for a treat. This cozy coastal county is made up of lush landscapes, majestic mountains, hidden caves and lively wildlife. Available activities range from hiking, fishing, exploring caves and jumping off cliffs. Since time is limited on a weekend trip, here are five things you […]

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Top 5 meals to try in Scotland

Scottish Shortbread by Flickr CC Luca Nebuloni

There are some undeniable advantages offered by traveling to Scotland that many people will want to explore. One of those advantages is sampling all the local cuisine that the country has to offer. There are some surprising diverse dishes that many people will want to consider. Tablet Many people will want to think about how […]

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Travel destinations for Jane Austen fans

Jane Austen

English novelist Jane Austen, who created romantic fiction, acquired a position as one of the world’s most read writers in the area of English literature. Although Austen lived centuries ago, she still has a huge fan base. If one is a fan of her works you should consider visiting the top three places in the […]

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Britain’s hiking trails


On the Trail —Hiking and Trekking Trails Across the British Countryside Britain may not be blessed with year round sunshine but when the weather is fine there’s no shortage of walking and hiking routes to be enjoyed. The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and they’re just waiting […]

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Top 5 bars for a night out in Edinburgh

Edinburgh by Flickr CC Bill Wilson

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a place of charm and history. That aside, the Scots can be a rowdy bunch who love a good party and are always hospitable to those wishing to join in on the fun. Those looking for more than just a good Scotch whiskey can find a plethora of bars […]

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A Guide to Visiting the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher by Flickr CC Rodrigo Silva

The Cliffs of Moher attract more than 1 million visitors annually, and for a good reason; the cliffs tower to 214 miles and stretch for 5 miles. When the weather is good, visitors can enjoy entertainment in the form of buskers and harpists. There are also some 600 miles of viewing platforms and pathways to […]

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