The London Dungeons in 2013

The London Dungeons by flickr user Oscar del Rio

The London Dungeons in 2013

The London Dungeons has been located on Tooley Street at the London Bridge since it opened in 1974 but the evolution of the attraction has led to the Dungeons being relocated to County Hall, a more central location. The new location means that it is within walking distance from other popular London tourist attractions such as The London Eye which will of course mean visitors can now fit more into their day with less time spent travelling around London.

The London Dungeon’s is a highly interactive experience which is one of the reasons why it stands out from the crowd, it is a fun day out for all ages and now it is going to be even better! As well as being on a bigger site so more action can occur there are 18 completely new shows that will be available so even if you have been to the London Dungeons in the past it will be definitely worth going again to see what’s new and enjoy the new shows and special effects.

The Dungeons will also be welcoming some new historical figures to the fold in March 2013, some of the most iconic people in the history of London and the UK. These are Guy Fawkes so you can now learn about the Gunpowder Plot and the history behind Bonfire Night, Henry VIII and his wives and the fictional Mrs Lovett.

The London Dungeons by flickr user MuLaN™

One of the most exciting features of the London Dungeons is the 5D ride Vengeance, a first for the United Kingdom and is a true to life interactive Victorian experience where the visitor sits in moving seats, using 3d glasses and laser guns they must shoot the flying objects coming towards them.

The original London Dungeons closed in January 2013 and the attraction at the new location is expected to open on 1st March 2013. If you are planning a visit to the London Dungeons then to avoid keep updated with all of the latest news. Entrance to the London Dungeons is £24 for an adult and £18 for a child however it is possible to get a 20% discount on the cost by planning ahead and printing off a voucher to take with you on the day. No booking or buying ahead is necessary so even if you have a change of plans you will not lose out!

If you visit the London Dungeons and decide you want to see more gory history from other parts of the United Kingdom then there are more Dungeon attractions available at Edinburgh, Warwick, Blackpool and York.

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